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Our FAQ about Cemetery Services & More in Fairfield, CT

What should I know if I am considering cremation?

By state law there is a waiting period of forty-eight hours from the pronouncement of death to the time the cremation can take place. Some of the forms require the signature of the next kin and/or a signed cremation authorization form required by us.

• The use of a funeral director is mandatory, as they are licensed and trained in the proper handling and transportation of human remains. The funeral director also arranges for the type of services you may desire prior to cremation. The director is also licensed to obtain the necessary forms required by law which are the burial and transit permit, the death certificate, the medical examiner sign off, and the actual cremation permit.
• Our crematory requires that remains being delivered to the crematory be in a rigid, burnable, covered container. This would include a minimal container made of rigid cardboard, a pine box, or a wooden casket.

What choices do I have in memorialization of my loved ones cremated remains?

There are many options to consider, including the choice of urn, columbarium niches, or an urn garden. The choice is up to you, but, if you wish, we can help you make a decision.

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